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JMO Support Line 1300 JMO 321
The JMO Support Line is a support and advice service provided by NSW Health for junior medical staff.
Medical oncologists have a privileged role
Dr Florian Honeyball is head of oncology at Dubbo Base Hospital
Renal medicine gives you longitudinal contact with your patients
Dr Jeniffer Fiore-Chapman is a renal physician practicing in Dubbo.  She is also the Director of Prevocational Education and Training at Dubbo Base Hospital.
Neurology is intellectually stimulating
Dr Kate Crossley is a neurologist practicing in Dubbo, western NSW.
Rehab medicine is incredibly inspiring
Dr Steven Faux is Director of Rehabilitation Services at the Sacred Heart Hospice in Darlinghurst.  Dr Faux also practices rehabilitation medicine in a private hospital.
Great opportunities in rural practice of Emergency Medicine
Dr Randall Greenberg is the Director of Critical Care at Dubbo Base Hospital.  He practices both emergency medicine and intensive care.

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Rehabilitation medicine is the medical specialty concerned with the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment of adults and children with limited function as a consequence of disease, injury, impairment and/or disability
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Rehabilitation Medicine
Medical Administrators are medical practitioners who use their clinical training and specialist medical management training to lead and manage medical services and health systems
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Medical Administration
Intensive Care Physicians (Intensivists) practice intensive care medicine which encompasses the assessment, resuscitation and ongoing management of critically ill patients with life-threatening single and multiple organ system failure
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Intensive Care Medicine